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Redtrike Creative Co. provides creative digital solutions

When it comes to digital solutions, a website is one of the greatest communication platforms your business could have. It provides your customers with an instant impression and understanding of your product or service offering. The key to a great website is not just good looks. It needs to be easy to use and functional. Most importantly it needs to clearly communicate your brand and how it can help your customer.

Redtrike Creative Co. provides eCommerce Website Development solutions to businesses in Brisbane, Queensland and in other cities of Australia and internationally.

We choose to work with specific digital interfaces to allow our clients to take control of their businesses. For website development, we specialise in working with Wordpress, which provides a user friendly content management system (CMS) platform that can be easily edited, expanded and updated. It is particularly suited to small and medium business owners.

We have worked with clients who required a brand new website as part of their corporate branding. I have also refreshed and converted existing client websites to a responsive structure, suitable for mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

As the online retail sector grows, it has become increasingly important to ensure businesses have an effective and efficient eCommerce platform suited to their business. I specialise in using the Prestashop interface and developing eCommerce websites which include design, setup, product photography, training, support and maintenance.

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When it comes to Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM) we recommend MailChimp. It offers excellent customisation and automation capabilities and provides a user friendly platform that can be easily edited, executed and managed. MailChimp also has great measurement tools, perfect for assessing the success of various eDM campaigns.

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