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Tyack Health Rebrand

  • Tyack Health Logo
    Tyack Health Logo
  • Tyack Health Logo
    Tyack Health Logo
  • Tyack Health Window Decal
    Tyack Health Window Decal
  • Tyack Health 3D Sign
    Tyack Health 3D Sign
  • Tyack Health Consultation Car
  • Tyack Health stationery
    Tyack Health stationery
  • Tyack Health Embroided Logo
    Tyack Health Embroided Logo


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When designing the Tyack Health logo, I opted for a typographical/wordmark logo. I have made Tyack the hero and Health secondary because of the history behind the Tyack name and its trusted reputation for providing successful health care to the community. The two dots above the ‘y’ and the top curve of the ‘y’ represent two people, Tyack Health and the patient. They are conversing, displaying equal respect, trust and genuine care because Tyack Health is very much a people business. The bottom curve of the ‘y’ represents Tyack Health’s holistic approach to health care. The dots combined with the ‘y’ also create a smiley face, which relates directly to ‘feel better for life’. The gradient in Health represents the diverse, multidiscipline team who work together to treat the patients.

The slab serif font is modern and bold. I rounded the corners of the letters and combined with the wider kerning, makes the logo warm, open and inviting.

The cyan blue is vibrant, fresh and is less masculine than other blues. Blue also represents peace, harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence, cleanliness, loyalty, stability and protection. The light blue/green compliments the cyan and it too is vibrant and fresh. Green represents nature, environment, health, good luck, renewal, youth, vigour, spring, generosity and fertility. Combined, they are sophisticated and inviting, especially with the blue-grey used in the text and backgrounds.

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